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Lost in Seoul

(Links updated February 2018) I have had the pleasure to visit South Korea quite a few times now. The people, food and culture have left me with many unforgettable experiences. On our last trip, we made even more friends, enjoyed the most delicious grilled eel, and wandered into Changdeokgung palace just in time for a full-scale reenactment of an 18th century royal birthday party (set after a mad prince died of starvation while being confined in a rice barrel).


This year, I will be back there over the Easter break to teach a course at Yonsei University, which is a good excuse to sort out my random links (and a distraction from learning the basics of Hangul). I am updating these with new discoveries during the trip:

Research Groups
Materials Modelling
Functional Materials

Travel Guides


Cinema / TV

Transportation / Phone

Vegetarian Friendly Food
https://www.mangoplate.com (listings and reviews)
Hongdae / Sinchon 

Tea / Coffee
Hongdae / Sinchon 

Live Shows

http://leeum.samsungfoundation.org (traditional / modern)
https://www.museum.go.kr (history / art)
http://whankimuseum.org/eng (abstract Korean art)
http://www.mmca.go.kr/eng (modern / contemporary)

8970 km from Bath to Seoul

Last year I wrote about my on-going research collaborations in South Korea. I have been fortunate enough to return twice this year, funded through the Office of Internationalisation at my University. I have just posted a guest blog on the formal delegation activities.

My sincere thanks (again) to the Materials Theory Group of Aloysius Soon. Last week, they treated myself and Adam Jackson incredibly well. We held our first joint research workshop (MICE), which will be followed up in September when four of their group travel to the UK. We also visited KAIST and SNU. Back to the real world now, with a group meeting at 9:15 am this morning!

IMG_6540(Welcome to Yonsei)


IMG_6439(Seoul City Hall)

Throw Bibimbap, not bombs…

To make sure that airlines don’t go out of business in this tough economic climate, I am just back from a very stimulating week in Seoul, where I visited Seoul National University and Yonsei University.

 At Yonsei, Aloysius Soon has been making a great effort to establish a collaborative network of material theorists, in the same spirit as the TYC in London. I was honoured to speak in their symposium series.

At SNU, I spent time visiting many of the professors in the Department of Physics – in Korea there is a delicate balance between fundamental materials research and research applied to topics of interest for industry (Samsung, LG, etc.). At SNU they balance this very well: a number of groups study fundamental issues associated with topological insulators, superconductors, multi-ferrorics, while treating applied issues associated with phase change memory, resistance-switching in oxide-based RAM, and thin-film field effect transistors. Having a grasp of both extremes can be very rewarding academically. I learned a lot from my short stay (with many new project ideas).

It was a stimulating week (filled with many culinary delights that are unique to Korea), to end a stimulating year. Happy winter holidays to all and sundry!