Too early to retire?

The new academic year begins tomorrow, so I took a few days out to hang out in Dublin. It was nice meeting up with old friends and it gave some perspective on the years that have passed. In 2016 it will be a decade since I was awarded my PhD at Trinity College, and it will be the fifth and final year of my fellowship from the Royal Society.

In terms of research, I have a wonderful team producing plenty of interesting results, so my role has changed from coding and performing calculations to: (a) keeping a steady supply of good research projects; (b) maintaining funding and computer resources; (c) reading and editing manuscripts. I still try to keep Wednesdays free for book reading and personal projects. If I could shift the balance, I would prefer to spend more time writing (an activity which most scientists I know dislike, but which I find quite therapeutic).

I have haven’t been writing much here as mentally these tasks have been quite exhausting, so when I have free time I tend to write about movies, play on instagram, and try to learn Hangul. But I do have some good topics for posts in the near future!



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